Timber Supplies – Stan Dawson

Timber Supplies – Stan Dawson

Are you looking for best timber merchant in Newcastle? Stan Dawson is here to help. We have been providing excellent reclaimed and new timber supplies to those in Newcastle and the surrounding areas since 1979 and have years of experience in providing the best supplies to our customers. Our range of timber supplies allows us to cater to a variety of customers as we can provide timber for decking, floorboards, railway sleepers and much more. At Stan Dawson, we have a huge range of softwoods, hardwoods and other types of wood. We also stock timber cladding and wood for domestic purposes so that you can use the materials for home projects. We aim to provide the best Timber Supplies Newcastle service in the area.


What Can Timber Be Used For?


Timber is a highly desirable material in many industries and therefore it has many uses. The properties of timber make it ideal for construction and building works. Timber is a non-toxic material; therefore, it does not pose any risk if used in houses and other builders.  It is also extremely versatile and can be used in more ways than you can even imagine. No matter what type of project you are working on, timber is an excellent material and you will not regret using it.


Timber is a very sustainable material and therefore it is ideal to use if you are environmentally conscious. It is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on our earth and therefore we would highly recommend using timber for your project. Timber can also be easily sourced from almost every part of the country, so you’ll never be short of any materials in the near future.


It has such a broad range of uses in society, although most commonly associated with building works, and is used is virtually all walks of life. It is an important material and without it, many people would have to find alternatives that are not as effective.


Some of the most popular uses for timber include:


  • Scaffolding
  • Furniture
  • Paper
  • Cladding
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Railway Sleepers
  • Oils


And much more! You can use timber for virtually anything if you put your mind to it.


Facts About Timber


  1. Timber is the most sustainable building material in the industry
  2. There are two types of timber, known as hardwood and softwood
  3. Softwoods are not necessarily soft, and hardwoods are not necessarily hard
  4. Timber is CO2 neutral
  5. All timber is biodegradable
  6. Plywood is three or more veneers combined together to make stronger timber
  7. Timber can easily be cut or modified
  8. Timber has an extremely long life-span if looked after

Our Range of Timber Supplies


At Stan Dawson, we have a wide variety of timber supplies available. From floorboards to timber cladding for your shed, you’ll always be able to find the perfect supplies here. Our yard and warehouse are full of a variety of cuttings and different types of timber, so come on down and have a look! Our timber supplies are perfect for any project ranging from a simple DIY style to larger construction projects.


Flooring – Timber flooring is prominent in thousands of homes across the North East. We stock a range of hardwood and softwood floorboards, depending on the look and properties you are after. Our specialist team can arrange for specific cuttings and dimensions for floorboards if the customer requires this.


Sheet Materials – We have a variety of different sheet materials available. This includes plywood, chipboard, OSB and much more. Certain timber materials are better suited to particular projects over others, which is why we have so much to choose from. One of our team will be able to talk you through your options for sheet materials if you are unsure about choosing the best material for your project.


Decking – As we are now in summer, people are starting to use their outside decking area again. If you are looking for timber that can be utilised for decking then look no further, Stan Dawson has the perfect supplies for this. Decking can be used for virtually anything such as play areas for children, outdoor space for the family and much more. Our decking materials are also extremely durable, so as long as the decking is maintained regularly, it will last a long time!


Railway Sleepers – Railway sleepers have become a very popular timber product in recent years, due to the possibilities they offer for project creators. Originally used to hold train rails together, they are now commonly used for garden furniture and by landscapers. Many of our railway sleepers have been taken from historic areas such as Newcastle’s High-Level Bridge!


Telegraph Poles – Telegraph poles are most commonly known for being used in electrical work and telephone cables, however, they can also be used in many areas of construction. A huge majority of our telegraph poles are pressure treated in order to prevent fungi, rotting and other potential damage to the timber. Telegraph poles are perfect for all purposes.


Cladding – Timber cladding is used for sheds and sometimes even construction work on houses. It is much more environmentally friendly compared to other types of cladding. We offer both treated and untreated versions, depending on the type of project you require it for. Our team can advise you on which type would be better suited. You should also ensure that you maintain your timber cladding in order for it to stay in good condition.


Fence Posts – If you are looking for timber supplies for your fence, then look no further than Stan Dawson. We have hundreds of different fence posts and fence boards available at our yard, perfect for any garden or DIY project. Our fencing supplies have also been used for agricultural fencing, so they are fit for all purposes.


Timber Supplies Newcastle

Self Storage in

We understand that building supplies take up a lot of room and often need to be put away for future use. You will not necessarily use every material or supply in the process so we can keep them secure in our mobile storage or contained storage boxes, depending on the type that you need. Our storage units are available for short or long-term hire and will provide your items with the protection they need. With mobile storage, you have the flexibility to keep it on your site and we will collect it at the end of your hire period. Our contained storage containers range from sizes of 10ft to 20ft and therefore will be able to fit any of the items you want to store. The tight specifications of the containers mean that they can also be securely placed on ships or planes for international shipping without any concern.


Steel Suppliers


Stan Dawson also stocks a range of steel materials. No matter what type of steel you need, we stock it here. With a vast range of shapes, sizes and finishes you won’t need to look further for your steel supplies. For example, we stock steel bars, sheet metal, flat steel and steel tubes. Whether you need the steel for domestic or industrial purposes, our steel stock will suit all of these purposes. Due to the flexibility of steel as a material, there are many options available and these can be modified to suit your needs. Our steel is also checked for things like water resistance and corrosion levels so that you will be aware of the exact properties of the materials you’re purchasing. A lot of our steel is reclaimed but we have similar amounts of new steel too. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, your steel needs will be different. We understand that everyone’s uses for our materials and products are different and therefore we can adapt to this to offer you the correct and best-suited steel supplies.


Stan Dawson – Best Timber Merchant

If you are looking for a trustworthy builders’ merchant that stocks timber, then Stan Dawson is the right company for you. As the leading timber supplier in the North East, we take pride in our high levels of customer service and product quality for each and every customer we provide services to. With Stan Dawson, you’ll never have to look elsewhere for timber in Newcastle. Our timber supplies are second to none and you’ll be able to use your materials for virtually any purpose.

We have been providing excellent services to those in Northumberland and Newcastle for nearly 40 years. There are lots of timber and steel merchants out there but we go the furthest of them all to satisfy our customers. With Stan Dawson, you also get extremely comprehensive stocks. We stock everything that is needed for the building and construction trade and have an array of stock to support this. We also can cut all of our timber and steel products to any size too as we understand the need for specific measurements for building supplies. As leading Wood Suppliers Newcastle, we ensure that only the best quality timber is sold to our customers, whether they be reclaimed or new.

We are the largest supplier of timber and steel in Newcastle, Northumberland, North Shields and many other surrounding areas. Our team will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have. For more information on any of the timber supplies, steel supplies or storage services we offer then please call us on 01661 860413.

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