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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Put Up Garden Fencing

Every single homeowner throughout the UK understands the importance of having a beautiful garden. Not only does this space add great value to your property but it makes spending time within your home a lot more enjoyable. There is simply nothing better than kicking back in the garden on a hot summers day with a […]

Top 5 Most Popular Uses of Steel Within The Home

Steel has become a staple for all forms of consultation here in the UK, but how can we use it within our homes? Well, this may surprise you, but we are all surrounded by steel daily. Whether this is in the form of kitchen utensils or the domestic appliances we rely on so heavily. This […]

What is recycled Timber?

If the timber has been recycled it has been taken from one original purpose and has been reused for a second purpose. Most commonly the timber is no longer usable for its original purpose and instead of going to waste it has then been given a second life offering a new purpose.    Why Choose […]

Answers To The Most Common Questions Asked About Steel 

  As steel has become wildly used throughout the world there has become a range of questions surrounding the use of this versatile material. Here at Stan Dawson, we are proud to be one of the leading steel suppliers in Newcastle and for this reason, we believe we are the perfect solution for finding answers […]

Our top 10 timber project ideas perfect for the home

Here at Stan Dawson, we take great pride in supplying Newcastle and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of quality timber products. Our team has taken some of the best ideas and put them together in a blog for you to enjoy. We hope this blog helps provide you with some inspiration to take […]

Looking After Your Garden This Winter

Winter is well and truly here. Colder days are now with us and the days are shorter. At Stan Dawson we love to encourage our customers to look after their gardens. Although it may seem pointless now, it’s definitely worth making sure that your garden is prepared for the colder months.   Read on to […]

Timber Supplies – Stan Dawson

Timber Supplies – Stan Dawson Are you looking for best timber merchant in Newcastle? Stan Dawson is here to help. We have been providing excellent reclaimed and new timber supplies to those in Newcastle and the surrounding areas since 1979 and have years of experience in providing the best supplies to our customers. Our range […]

Reliable Timber Merchant – Stan Dawson

Are you searching for ‘Timber Merchants Newcastle upon Tyne’? Stan Dawson is one of the largest timber supplies in the North East. We were established in 1979 and have acres of land whereby we have a huge range of building materials. One of the main materials we stock is timber and our team have sourced […]

Reclaimed Building Supplies Newcastle

Timber and steel building supplies When you’re shopping around for building supplies your main considerations revolve around price and quality. What’s the point in buying low-quality materials that won’t last or complete the job properly? And what use is overpaying for building materials you could find cheaper elsewhere? Through years of experience in sourcing, stocking, […]

Scaffolding Poles Newcastle

Builders, Timber Suppliers and Scaffolding Poles Newcastle Stan Dawson: Builders and Timber Merchants offering Scaffolding Poles Newcastle for any small or large construction job. Our speciality is supplying building materials for instance wood and steel. Additionally, we offer storage space services for long or short term use. Our firm started in 1979 and has over […]

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