Looking After Your Garden This Winter

Winter is well and truly here. Colder days are now with us and the days are shorter. At Stan Dawson we love to encourage our customers to look after their gardens. Although it may seem pointless now, it’s definitely worth making sure that your garden is prepared for the colder months.


Read on to find out some ways you can look after and transform your garden this winter! 


  1. Build a Garden Room


If you want to extend your house in some way or add extra space to the garden, a garden room is perfect. Garden rooms are seen as a luxury addition to a garden and can be used for many different purposes. Whether you want to use it as a small house or a place to go and relax, the possibilities are endless. This will usually require a lot of planning; however, it will definitely be worth it in the spring and summer!


  1. Prepare the Decking for Summer


Although it is currently winter, you’ll want to ensure your garden is prepared for the warmer months – they come around quickly! Your decking might be starting to look a bit old and tatty so it may be worth considering getting some new decking supplies. If well maintained and look after, decking can last for a long time.


When choosing to purchase new decking, you should always consider which type of timber you want to use for it. Most builders merchants offer both softwood and hardwood timber and they both have their uses, although we would usually recommend softwood.


  1. Cover the Pond


If you have a pond in your garden, it is likely that you will have a fair amount of wildlife roaming around the pond area. In order to protect this wildlife, you may want to consider covering up your pond. During the winter, there’s a high chance that your pond will start to freeze over or freeze over entirely. Covering up your pond gives the wildlife a much better chance of surviving into the spring and summer months, once the pond is less icy and cold. 


  1. Protect Plants


Christmas is just around the corner and therefore is likely you will have a Christmas tree lying around. Real Christmas trees can be used to protect your plants during the colder months of January and February, whilst you are waiting for the sun to come out. Especially in winter, your plants may be struggling to survive.

Looking After Your Garden This Winter

Many people are now using the branches from their Christmas tree to protect the plants in their garden. The branches can be used to protect your flower beds during the winter. You may also want to cover the branches with some form of fabric that protects them from the frost as this will allow the plants to last longer. This will also protect the plants from any wind if you ensure the branches are secured properly.


Purchase Your Garden Materials from Stan Dawson


If you require any materials for your garden projects and alike, look no further than Stan Dawson. With our yard based in Newcastle, you will find hundreds of different timber materials and garden items across our 6 acres.


We have all kinds of timber in stock. Whether you require decking materials or some wood for flooring, we have it all. We source our timber from various places across the North East and ensure that all of our timber is high quality so that our customers receive the best materials possible.


We are closed from Friday 21st December at 12 pm and re-open at 8 am on Wednesday 2nd January, so be sure to visit us before we close if you need any materials before Christmas! Call today on 01661 860413 to speak to the team.

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