What is recycled Timber?

If the timber has been recycled it has been taken from one original purpose and has been reused for a second purpose. Most commonly the timber is no longer usable for its original purpose and instead of going to waste it has then been given a second life offering a new purpose. 


Why Choose Recycled Timber? 


Recycled timber is easily one of the most sustainable sources of wood available to us. The fact that the material has been reused for a second purpose instead of going to waste makes it a great option when taking into consideration the effects on the environment. Not only is recycled timber a lot better for the environment but it is also highly cost-effective when compared to brand new wood.


Recycled timber can be found in a wide range of formats and all can be used for countless DIY projects. For example, railway sleepers and telegraph poles are one of the most common forms of recycled timber and they are perfect for outdoor use and landscaping projects.  


What is reclaimed timber?  


Reclaimed timber is practically the same as recycled timber seeing as it has been reused after its time serving as its original purpose. When purchasing recycled timber it is most commonly referred to as reclaimed timber.


how can recycled timber be used? 


Recycled timber can be used for a wide range of uses in and around the home. Below we have put together some of the best used for recycled timber: 


Raised Flower Beds


Let be honest, everyone loves having stunning flowers in their garden. What’s there not to love about them. Recycled timber offers the perfect properties to construct a raised flowerbeds to hold all of the flowers in al their glory. As reflected timber has been used for a previous purpose before it has already withstood the test of time ensuring it will last many more years within.


Beloved Bench Seating 


Throughout the summer we spend most of our days relaxing in the garden and enjoying the sun overhead. If you are looking for a new spot for relaxing in your garden you will want to take a look at recycled timber. It is very simple to construct a bench out of timber and this will continue to provide you with comfort within the garden to enjoy the summer to its fullest. 


Outdoor Decking 


Are you looking for a fresh space for you and your family to enjoy some quality time together this summer? Well, look no further than a stunning new decking space. Recycled timber is the perfect material to use for decking as it offers a cost-effective solution when purchasing large quantities of timber. You can even decide to take on this project all by yourself as your own DIY project.


Recycled Firewood 


For all of those proud outdoor fireplaces owners, we have a great idea for you. Timber offcuts are an incredibly reliable source of firewood, not only does it keep you warm all night long but it can be very cheap to purchase. If you love the sound of a fireplace crackling away in the background as you catch up with friends and family well then look no further than recycled timber. There are a wide range of timber supplies who offer firewood in Northumberland


Rustic Garden Pond 


If you are looking to give your existing pond a little freshen up its time for you to turn to recycled timber. By taking a few recycled boards you will be able to give your pond a lovely wooden border making it look fresh and brand new. This also gives you the capabilities to fit a wire meshing above the pond to keep all of your beloved fish nice and safe.  

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