All sorts of widths and lengths, hard & softwood flooring & reclaimed timber.

Sheet materials

Sheet materials

Plywood, chipboard, OSB and more in a range of thickness and sheet sizes.



Softwood & reclaimed timber.



Wide range of stock of various hardwoods in various dimensions.

Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers

Always steeped in history, crossing timbers & reclaimed and new.

Telegraph Poles

Telegraph Poles

We can cut various sizes – full length or cut to size.



We stock a range of types of cladding in both treated and untreated versions.

Fence Posts and Fence Boards

Fence Posts & Fence Boards

Tanalised in many sizes.



8×4 softwood and up to 10×5 hardwood and cut to size.


Timber Newcastle

Welcome to Stan Dawson, we are proud to be one of the leading timber merchants In the North East. Our team have been supplying quality timber products for over 40 years, creating a reputation for being extremely reliable. Our customer base is mainly domestic but we also have the capacity to accommodate commercial needs. If you would like to find out more information about any of the timber products found on the website please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly team members today. 


Timber Supplies Newcastle


We have the products to accommodate for your landscaping and home improvements needs. Our range includes fencing supplies, decking and cladding. With many DIY projects, it can be difficult to know the exact product you need to get the job done. This is where our experienced team members come in to help. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of customers, with all ranges of experience. For this reason, we can offer you the professional advice you deserve, ensuring you get the best product for your project. 


Timber Merchants Newcastle


We want to make sure that you are only paying for the exact amount of timber you need, this is why we have cutting facilities on-site. Make sure you receive the exact dimensions of timber you are looking for at an affordable price. This also ensures that as little timber goes to waste as possible, this is one of the many steps we take to be as sustainable as possible.  


Hardwood Timber


Our timber products are available in three main types, hardwood, softwood and reclaimed. Each has its own specific properties which make them suitable for different projects. Hardwood is the most durable of the options. Perfectly suited to being used inside as flooring or for outside as decking once treated. It is a very strong material and will be able to withstand great amounts of force without breaking. Whilst it may be considered slightly more difficult to work with when compared to the other options, it is definitely a great decision for those looking for timber that can withstand the test of time 


Softwood Timber 


Our softwood timber is extremely versatile, perfectly suited to being used within the home. Softwood can also be more cost-effective in certain situations making it a great option for those who are looking for an affordable way to improve the home. We have a range of softwood products available at the timber merchant, please speak to one of our professional team members today to make an order.


Reclaimed Timber


For a sustainable solution for your timber needs, reclaimed timber is definitely the option for you. Reclaimed timber is taken from one previous use and is used for another. A prime example of this is telegraph poles. When they reach a certain age they are deemed not fit for purpose, when this occurs we are able to acquire them and sell them to you for a discounted rate. These telegraph poles can then be used in the garden for landscaping or home improvements. Although these products cannot be used for their original purpose, they can still be used for other projects. 


Contact Our Team Today


To find out more information about any of the different types of timber available please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly team members today. We have the skills, expertise and experience to ensure that you walk away with a timber product that ticks all of the boxes. 

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