Railway Sleepers

In recent times railway sleepers have become an ever-growing popular item with us. Though originally used for holding train rails together, there is now a wave of demand for reclaimed railway sleepers for landscaping and garden furniture. From retaining walls to decorative features in the garden, the uses are endless and continue beyond their history. Our railway sleepers originate from historic places such as Newcastle’s High-Level Bridge to a more recent decommissioned Alcan site at Lynemouth. We have a range of various grades and sizes of railway sleepers for sale. Please phone to check the availability of the size and properties you require and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  •   Ideal for gardens
  •   Carefully kiln dried to reduce splitting or twisting
  •   Fine saw finish
  •   Pressure treated for longer life

Railway sleepers are full of character and are used by landscapers, builders and furniture designers. They are usually made of hardwoods due to the high density and durability of the material. This type of railway sleepers is also easy to maintain and will only require a slight touch-up every now and then. Any damage to your railway sleepers can be fixed by sanding or waxing the material, which will return it to its original condition. This gives you that peace of mind that the material will last a long time.


There are so many different things that can be made or modified with railway sleepers and therefore they are a great and unique addition to any timber structure or garden feature. They are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor projects, you can use railway sleepers for virtually anything. It is an extremely adaptable timber material. Whether you need railway sleepers for a home project or a commercial construction, choose Stan Dawson for all of your timber needs. Please get in touch with one of our team today for stock availability.