Our top 10 timber project ideas perfect for the home

Here at Stan Dawson, we take great pride in supplying Newcastle and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of quality timber products. Our team has taken some of the best ideas and put them together in a blog for you to enjoy. We hope this blog helps provide you with some inspiration to take on your own woodwork project for your home.


1) Timber fruit bowl

Why not kick off this top 10 with a great idea that everyone could create for their home? Everyone has some sort of bowl or holder for their fruit. Whether it’s time to replace yours is completely up to you but by creating a stunning fruit bowl it will provide you fruit with the perfect environment to be kept within before consumption. This project is super easy to complete and will provide you with a constant reminder that when you set your mind to something it can be achieved. This may even encourage you to eat more fruit.

2) Guitar Stand

Do you play an instrument? Well creating a stunning stand for your instrument is a great little project that can be completed with very little woodwork experience. Your personal guitar stand can be as simple or as complex as you want. Timber is the perfect material for your guitar stand as it helps bring out the beauty of your instrument. You can create a stand for any instrument no matter how large or how small.


3) Golf club holder

Are you a golf lover? Well, why not take on your own golf-related home project. You may be thinking, why would I even need a timber golf club holder if I already own a fully functioning golf bag. Displaying some of your favorite clubs in your room is a great way to remind you of that amazing moment when you won your first game. This is just an idea but this can be adapted to your hobby, for example, why not create a fishing rod holder or a hockey club holder, the possibilities are endless.

4) Storage box

You can never have enough storage within your home! Creating your own wooden box is a great project to help you to practice some basic joinery. When creating your wooden box you can customise it to be perfect for your needs. Whether you want to add a soft interior perfect for a jewelry box or create separate departments within, no matter what you decide to create your box for it will be an extremely enjoyable experience.


5) Coat rack

The rain is slowly creeping upon us and it’s the perfect time to create an amazing coat rack perfect for your home. Creating a coat rack can be great fun for the whole family as everyone can get involved. Your coat rack will be used day in and day out and you will not regret completing this project.

6) Firewood holder

The evenings are slowly getting darker and darker and it’s important that you are fully prepared for the winter ahead. Have you considered creating your own stunning firewood holder? It can be very simple to create a firewood holder and it will last for years to come if kept within your home. By choosing to create your firewood holder out of timber ensures that your firewood blends in beautifully with your holder. In our opinion, there is no material as versatile and as beautiful as timber.

7) Pen / Pencil holder

Do you have a messy desk in your home? The first step to creating a clean and productive work environment is cleaning up all the pens and pencils all over your desk. It’s simple to go out and find a pen holder but by creating your own will encourage you to use it regularly as it’s you hard work that went into it. This is also a great present idea as it is a very cost-effective and by handcrafting a present yourself it shows that a lot of thought went into the present.


8) Bookshelf

Do you have a book collection in your home that keeps growing and growing? Well, creating your own stunning bookshelf helps to provide the perfect long term storage for all of your favorite books. Crafting the bookshelf out of timber ensures that it will last longer and have the strength to withstand great weight. There is a range of high-quality timber products that are suitable for creating a bookshelf.

9) chopping board

How much do you love cooking? If you’re like me you absolutely love cooking but you love food much much more. Well no matter how much you love cooking who wouldn’t want their own cutting board? When creating your chopping board you can create it to be the perfect size for you and you can also customise it to be perfect for your cooking requirements. Different customisation options include adding a rim to prevent your ingredients falling off the side of your chopping board or why not add your initials for extra personalisation. This is a great little project that everyone can complete with next to no tool needs.


10) Wooden cake knife

Well, this is definitely one of the most unexpected home projects that can be found on the list. Creating a wooden cake knife is a great way to reuse some of the leftover wood from some of the other projects found on our top 10. You can create your knife to be the perfect size for your hands and the fact that its created out of leftover wood ensures it is an environmentally friendly option.


Here at Stan Dawson, we hope you have enjoyed our top 10 favorite timber project ideas and we hope this blog has provided you with the inspiration to take on your own timber projects. If you would like to find a sustainable alternative to timber you can use reclaimed wood. If you are looking for timber or reclaimed wood get in contact with one of our friendly team members today on – 01661 860 413

Stan Dawson

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