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Top 10 Driftwood Design Ideas Presented by Stan Dawson


Reclaimed wood is sourced from many locations. We offer a rage of reclaimed timber products here at Stan Dawson. Driftwood is a prime example of a type of reclaimed wood. We have found a huge range of exciting products that can be constructed out of driftwood. If you are looking for reclaimed wood in Newcastle then enquire with Stan Dawson using a contact form on our website or telephone our timber experts now on: 01661 860413


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Here is Our Top 10:


1) Unique Aquarium


An aquarium is a perfect example of a use of reclaimed wood. It involves collecting the perfect and most appealing pieces of driftwood to construct a customised coral style design. This use of driftwood is very unique because no two pieces of driftwood are the same. The choice of design options are endless and one never fully knows where that driftwood is sourced from.


2) Amazing Lamp


Driftwood lamps are a great idea and one of the most creative uses of driftwood we have seen so far. The idea of creating a lamp out of many pieces of driftwood stuck together is very smart. It takes the general characteristics of the driftwood which is very weathered and covered in small holes and uses this to help the lamp covey the light better.


3) Elegant Coffee Table


This is a very budget savvy way of creating a low-cost coffee table. It consists of gathering many pieces of driftwood of the same colour and look and sticking them together and covering with a glass panel. The result of this is a very unique looking feature that can go anywhere in the home and really stands out to all visitors. The end result looks very professional for simply gathering driftwood.


4) Decorative Loo Roll Holder


Constructing a loo roll holder is very simple, it can be made as simple or as complicated as you want, and can be easily attached to whatever surface it is required to. Unlike most of the other option on this top 10, it can be constructed with a very small amount of driftwood. so collecting the driftwood won’t be very labor intensive and would be a great little hobby to have fun with all the family. It is a great way to reuse driftwood.


5) Welcoming Candle Holder


Candle holders are another interesting use of driftwood as the wood used is from a very sustainable source. Gathering driftwood is one step closer to helping save the planet, as instead of the wood being sourced from deforestation and unsustainable tree farms it is sourced from nature itself. These processes that source the driftwood occur naturally such as weathering, eroding tree branches and old dead branched being washed away.


6) Ancient Kayak


A kayak is another great use of driftwood as it is taking driftwoods natural properties, being able to float and having great durability to construct a long-lasting, environmentally friendly kayak. This has been used for hundreds of years before boats were even designed. Ancient designs can still be used today as they have been proven to work, due to the sustainable source they can help future generations.


7) Fancy Phone Holder


This use of driftwood is very modern and will be used for years to come. This design proves the diverse ability of driftwood. It is very lightweight and can be easily constructed by connecting pieces of small driftwood. The result is a very unique and due to the durability of the material it will last for a long time to come.


8) Lavish Phone Docks


This design is very similar to the phone holder as it is constructed with multiple small pieces of driftwood. The difference lies within the bottom of the dock where a lead for whatever mobile or tablet you would like to charge is stuck to the bottom. This is then fed into the holder so only the connector is showing. Within the holder will lie the connector and this means that a phone/tablet can be easily plugged in and will sit in the doc facing the user for easy accessibility. This will mean that the device will still be able to be used while charging. The doc will be so eye-catching that it will be a conversation piece for anyone who lay their eyes on the dock or uses the dock.


9)  Rich Mirrors


This driftwood idea is another great budget efficient way of constructing a super cheap product that is customized to your liking. The mirror would have to be bought separately which would be very cheap on its own. The frame would require the collection of driftwood and could be constructed very easily. The mirror itself would tell a story like none other and could have traveled hundreds of miles.


10) Excellent Jewelry Holder


The jewelry holder is another creative use for driftwood. This would be another very easy item to construct and create as it only requires very small pieces of driftwood so wouldn’t be too heavy to collect from the local beach. The holder itself is perfect for a gift and is suitable for any age. The durability of driftwood means this gift could last a lifetime if constructed correctly.


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