Plywood Tyne and Wear

Plywood Tyne and Wear by Stan Dawson

If you’re looking for the best Plywood Tyne and Wear service then you have come to the right place! Stan Dawson stocks a variety of different grades and sizes of plywood. Plywood is made from several layers of thin wood veneers that have been glued together with strong adhesive materials. The number of layers allows plywood to be a strong and durable material, with a wide range of applications.

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Why is Plywood a good material to use?


Plywood is a complex material that is popular in the building and construction. There are many benefits to using Plywood. Firstly, it is a very versatile material that comes in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning you have the flexibility to do whatever you want to with it. By default, we stock 8×4 softwood and 10×5 hardwood but can adapt this to suit your needs. Plywood also has the properties to be both strong but also moldable. Plywood can be used however you wish and is a reliable material at that.


Uses for Plywood Tyne and Wear


  1. Furniture

From cabinets to wardrobes, plywood can be used for any household furniture. Different grades of plywood may be more suited to certain types of furniture, depending on the type of look you require. High-grade plywood is more common for higher standard finishes, however, low-grade plywood looks good too. Plywood is suitable for just about any type of furniture, the possibilities are endless.


  1. Flooring

Plywood has great structural strength due to the layers it contains and therefore makes an ideal choice for flooring. It protects well against moisture and any damage that may occur to the plywood. Plywood also has a more natural wood look over other types of wood flooring, which is a preference for many people.


  1. Plywood Tyne and WearCladding

Timber cladding can be a beautiful addition to a building and provides a natural look to the property. It can also be used for sheds in your back garden or storage areas. The range of styles and colours also gives you the flexibility to change up the look of the building the cladding is being used for. It can be easily redecorated.


  1. DIY Projects


For those of you that love a good DIY project, plywood is the perfect material for this! There are so many possibilities as it is such a diverse material and as you can see, has so many different applications! With our heavy stock of timber, there is nothing you can’t do.


What else does Stan Dawson have to offer?


  • Range of timber supplies

From decking to telegraph poles, you won’t have to look further for excellent timber supplies with Stan Dawson. Our extensive stock gives you the choice to pick from hundreds of different reclaimed and new timber supplies.


  • Steel stock

We also stock a wide range of steel too. Angles, bars, tubes, channels, the list is endless. Most of our steel is reclaimed and therefore also great for the environment. Like timber, steel has lots of different applications and can be used in construction, building and other industry work.


  • Storage

We offer both mobile storage and container storage. Mobile storage is perfect if you need a flexible solution for storing items on site. On the other hand, container storage is available in 10ft to 20ft sizes and is more suited to those who need secure containers that is going to be in one place. No matter what you need, Stan Dawson can help!



This article has discussed the Plywood Tyne and Wear service and other products that we offer here at Stan Dawson. If you would like a quote or more information, please get in touch today!

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