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If you’re looking for the best Plywood Newcastle then Stan Dawson can help. We’ve been providing excellent timber supplies to those in the area since 1979. Our family ran company takes pride in everything we do and has the best stock of plywood in the area. Call us today on 01661 860 413


Different Types of Plywood Newcastle


  • Softwood Plywood

Softwood is commonly made of pine, redwood and materials from other coniferous trees. It is a strong form of plywood and provides a long-term structuring for any timber project. This material can also be modified as it is dense enough to do so. Softwood makes up around 80% of the world’s timber and has a wide variety of uses.


  • Hardwood Plywood

An extremely durable material and is tough enough to withstand any environmental changes. The complex nature of hardwood allows you to be able to implement unique features and shapes into the wood, making it perfect for any aesthetical features for furniture.


Benefits of Using Plywood Newcastle


  1. Strong material

Plywood is a very strong and durable material, due to the layers that make up the plywood itself. The layering of the wood also reduces the chances of the wood twisting or being cracked, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it.


  1. Wide range of choicePlywood Newcastle

It’s available in a range of sizes, especially larger sizes that cannot be attained by many other types of wood. This is what has made the material so popular, as it is extremely flexible and there is a huge variety of specs of plywood to choose from.


  1. It has lots of different uses

It can also be used in a range of applications. This versatile material has been used in homes for furniture, construction projects, industrial applications and many other uses. Due to the range of applications plywood can be used for, it has become an extremely popular choice for wood.


Other Timber Supplies with Us



  • Flooring

We can provide you with softwood and hardwood flooring, both perfect for different projects. This can be reclaimed or new timber depending on the stock.


  • Sheet Materials

Though plywood is one of the sheet materials we offer at Stan Dawson, we also stock a range of others. This range includes OSB and chipboard; both are excellent sheet materials, depending on what you want to use them for. We also have other types of sheet materials, so give us a call if you’re interested in any other types.


  • Decking

If you’re looking for the best timber for your new decking project, you’ve come to the right place. We have a showroom where you can view some of the many sample boards we have for decking. Reclaimed timber is a great choice for decking if you’re looking for materials that have character and durability.


  • Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are an ever-growing popular item at Stan Dawson. They are routed in history for holding train rails together, though nowadays they are commonly used for garden furniture and other DIY projects. The railway sleepers we stock have come from amazing and historic places such as Newcastle’s High-Level Bridge!


  • Cladding

We stock a range of timber that can be used for cladding, specifically in sheds. It is important to get the right sizing and specifications for cladding as it will make the installation process a lot easier. We have both treated and untreated versions which are each suited to different buildings.


  • Fence Posts & Fence Boards

A big majority of our fence posts are tantalised and treated as they are typically placed in an outdoor environment. Our fence posts and boards are typically used for garden fencing, as you can probably imagine. Our fence posts have also been used for agricultural fencing for animals.


  • Telegraph Poles

These have been used for years to support electrical cables and power lines. However, in more recent times we have taken on many old telegraph poles and brought them back to life – reclaimed timber is the way to go! They can also be used for structuring in zip wires and construction, the possibilities are endless.


For more information on the Plywood Newcastle or any of the other timber products that we stock, please get in touch today! One of our experienced staff members will be able to help you.

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