Mobile Storage Newcastle

Mobile Storage Newcastle


If you are searching for ‘Mobile Storage Newcastle’ then you’ve come to the right place. Stan Dawson, based in Ponteland, have various storage options for you.


Established in 1979, we are a family run company with an excellent reputation. As a well-known builders merchant, we also provide various storage solutions for our customers. Mobile storage is a particularly popular service in Newcastle due to the many benefits it offers. Whether you require storage for household items or construction, we can provide you with the right tools to do so.


Simply give us a call on 01661 860413 today to speak to one of the team about your storage requirements!


What is Mobile Storage?


Instead of driving to a storage unit to store your items, our team will bring the storage unit to you. The storage unit will be removed when you are finished using it or once you have packed it up with your items. When this is done the storage unit will be taken to the storage warehouse, where it will be securely stored.

Mobile Storage Newcastle UK

We will always deliver and collect at the end of the agreed hire period but the customer will always load the container and lock it. This maximises security and provides the customer with control over their belongings and storage. There are many reasons why someone may require mobile storage. Storage is useful for both domestic and commercial purposes.


Why Use Mobile Storage?


  • Flexibility

If you need to keep your container or storage unit on site then we can cater to this. With mobile storage, you have the flexibility to store your items when and where you choose. We offer our customers flexibility in all areas of our service. No matter what you require storage for, we can accommodate your needs.


  • Convenience

Mobile storage is easy for the customer. You simply have to pack up your items and we will store them for you. You can pack up your container or unit at a time that is convenient for you and then we will pick the storage unit, before returning it safely to our warehouse. Once your hire term is complete we will return your items back to you.


  • Cost Efficiency

In many cases, mobile storage is cheaper and costs less for the customer in the long-run. Mobile storage is efficient for both us and the customer. Our delivery system also means no one needs to pay additional costs for delivery trucks or drivers.


  • Security

All of your items will be stored securely in our warehouse. We have regular inspection and monitoring to ensure that your items are safe. This ensures that nothing goes missing or any items are damaged, so you’ll have full confidence in our team to keep your items in perfect condition.


Mobile Storage with Stan Dawson


If you are looking for an experienced company that has a high-quality storage service, then look no further. Stan Dawson will ensure that your items are kept in perfect condition and also monitor your container to provide additional reassurance. We also offer container storage and shipping containers if this is better suited to your needs.


No matter what you are looking for, we are committed to providing all customers with valuable storage solutions. If you require something else then please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to provide you with a different solution.


At Stan Dawson, we provide container storage and mobile storage in Newcastle to suit your requirements, whatever they are. Get in touch by calling 01661 860413. One of our friendly team will be able advise you on the best storage options.

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