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The Best Builders Merchants Northumberland

Are you looking for the best Builders Merchants Northumberland? Stan Dawson has been providing excellent building materials since 1979 to the public in Northumberland. We are a local and family ran builders merchants and pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality materials. We have over 6 acres of land to delve through, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find the right materials. We stock a huge range of building materials that will be perfect for any project, whether it be domestic or part of construction. For more information on our Builders Merchants Northumberland service, please call us on 01661 860413.



High-Quality Timber with Stan Dawson


We only stock the best timber products here. We have a wide range of reclaimed and new timber, in a variety of products to suit your needs. For example, we stock various timber supplies such as wood for decking, plywood, fence posts and many more. We also have sheet materials, which can be used for a range of purposes. It is important that the right materials are chosen when using them in a project as some are fit better for certain purposes than others.


Plywood – This material is particularly economical and has excellent dimensional stability. This means that it can be modified and used for any project that requires timber. The extra layers of plywood mean that it is an extremely strong material and can also resist cracking, bending, warping and shrinkage.


OSB – OSB predominantly comes from softwoods such as pine. The wood is almost always fire resistant, which means it’s an excellent choice if you need a durable and safe timber material to work with.


Chipboard – A particularly lightweight material, chipboard is a good material to use in any part of your home. It is smooth and offers a low cost, consistent material that is also environmentally friendly. Chipboard is generally made with over two-thirds of recycled material.


Our Stock of Reclaimed Bricks


Like any reclaimed material, reclaimed bricks were also once used in another structure or building that was either demolished or has been refurbished. Recycling bricks is great for the environment and also allows us to provide you with building materials that might not be available elsewhere. If you have a DIY project or prefer the style of reclaimed materials, Stan Dawson can help you!

Builders Merchants Northumberland

There is a range of benefits in using reclaimed bricks for your project or building work. The first being that it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to use. It will decrease the number of building materials that are put into a landfill site, and also decreases the number of harmful emissions that are put into the air as less new bricks will be created as a result. Secondly, using reclaimed materials and bricks, in particular, can often add character to the construction the brick is being used for. All of the reclaimed bricks we stock have a range of different history attached to them as they come from all over.

Stan Dawson for Builders Merchants Northumberland


We have been providing our top-quality services in Northumberland for nearly 40 years and would like to offer these services to you. We have a huge stock which has been sourced from many different places over the years. Stan Dawson is the leading timber and steel merchant in the North East and also offers a comprehensive storage service too.


If you’re looking for the leading Builders Merchants Northumberland then please get in touch today and our team will be able to help you choose the perfect building materials!

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