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Stan Dawson: Builders Merchants in Newcastle

Our speciality is in offering construction supplies for instance wood and steel. Additionally, we offer storage space services for long or short-term use. Our company started in 1979 and it has over the years created a far better understanding of this market, enabling us to supply efficient and fast shipping and delivery services. If you are searching for construction materials, we should be your next phone call. We have the following services to choose from:

Builders Merchants Newcastle

Building Supplier in Newcastle

You can expect a wide variety of building products which range from wood to steel, dealing in both new and reclaimed timber, and that’s why we’ve gained the reputation as the preferred timber suppliers in Newcastle. The types of timber we’ve got on sale include things like machine round, decks, secure fencing, new Sawn wood and railway sleepers. Being an established steel merchant, we also offer all kinds of steel products which include things like universal beams, angles, roofing sheets, bars, flat and plates, among many others. We feature stocks of new and reclaimed steel both which adheres to the highest expectations of superior quality. If you’re looking for the best Builders Merchants Newcastle then please call us today 01661 860413.


Fixings Supplier in Newcastle

Aside from wood and steel merchandise, additionally, we offer a variety of reliable fixings that you will want as you begin to set up your structure. These fixings consist of threaded bars, masonry fixings, security bolts, gate fasteners and nails and screws. To put your construction together, you may also need security bolts, silicone sealers, rawl bolts and hinges, all of which are available at Stan Dawson. – For more information about our services please visit our website – Builders Merchants Newcastle


Storage Containers facilities in Newcastle

We acknowledge the reality that the cumbersome nature of building materials might require safe-keeping either at your premises or the customer’s location. Moreover, you are not likely to use up all the building materials in a single day so you will need to store them somewhere until eventually, their need arises. It’s for this reason we have available storage units which you can either purchase or rent. We also offer you mobile storage where we can have the containers shipped to your site with the aid of Hiab crane. We leave it available so that you can personally load and lock it up. When you are finished, our workforce returns for the container. However, it’s not necessary to be working on a building task for you to use these storage containers. If you intend to move house or company, you need a safe place for the property before you put it available for sale.


Our Stock of Reclaimed Bricks


We stock a range of reclaimed materials and bricks are no different. Our extensive stock of bricks can be used for structures, buildings and general construction work. Using reclaimed bricks for works is great for the environment, as you’re re-using a material that will then hopefully be re-used again in the future. Along with being environmentally friendly, reclaimed bricks also have many other benefits. Like many reclaimed materials, reclaimed bricks are great for adding character to a building. Reclaimed materials often have their own bit of history to them depending on where they have come from. Our stock has been sourced from many different areas and places and so you never know what sort of bricks you will be able to find here! The finish of reclaimed bricks is very different to your typical brick.

Bricks have become an ever-growing popular product at Stan Dawson. The flexibility and consistent availability of the product itself ensures that little maintenance is required in the future, once the building has been constructed. At Stan Dawson, you have a wide variety of different bricks to choose from that have been reclaimed. It is important that you choose a brick that suits the purpose you’re using it for. The most common brick in the market is known as the red brick, which is most commonly used in walls, pavements and other constructions. You can find these red bricks in a wide range of sizes and types here.


High Quality Timber Sheets by Your Local Builders Merchants Newcastle


At Stan Dawson, we only stock the best timber supplies. You can visit our range here.

From decking to fence posts, there is nothing you won’t find here. We have spent many years checking our timber to ensure that it is the best quality possible, you will always receive a high-quality product!

  • OSB

OSB is a fire resistant type of timber and therefore is a good choice if you’re looking for timber that is particularly durable and can withstand environmental factors like rain, wind etc. OSB predominantly comes from softwoods like pine and is able to absorb finishes like paint and varnish, making it ideal for flooring and domestic use.


  • Chipboard

Chipboard is extremely light and therefore a great material to use in any part of the home. It is typically made out of over two-thirds of recycled material, making it a great product to use if you’re looking for something more environmentally friendly! It is also a smooth, low cost and consistent material that has many applications.


  • Plywood

One of the most common choices for timber, plywood possesses many excellent properties. Due to the number of layers it has, it makes it a particularly durable and useful material for construction purposes. It can also resist cracking, bending, warping and shrinkage so you won’t have to worry too much about the maintenance of it.



Why you should go for Stan Dawson

There are many other wood and steel merchant businesses out there offering services to the building and construction sector. However, we go far and beyond to be sure that your requirements are taken care of, which makes us outstanding.


The following is why:

Efficient and quick expert services

Having been around since 1979, the business is in an excellent position to know customer requirements and market trends. We have adjusted to these kinds of changes by putting in place different systems to ensure you can expect the very best to our customers. The systems include possessing some heavy commercial motor vehicles available to handle building supplies to the client’s premises whenever and wherever they may be needed. When it comes to storage containers, loading, unloading and delivery are made simple and easy by utilisation of the company’s cranes and lorries. This enables us to make the same- day scheduled delivery.

Long good reputation for fantastic service

We opened up our doors to the general public in 1979 with the single purpose of offering good quality and efficient services to our clients. We have had a long duration of service and through this time, and we have endeavoured to repeatedly strengthen our service delivery. Our persistence to customer satisfaction has worked. We are now providing an array of building materials to many delighted customers in all of Northumberland.

Price promises

Another reason you will be glad to get your construction supplies from us is the price guarantee we offer on every single item. This means that you will not need to worry about cost fluctuations on the supplies down the road. This is important since your purchase may take place over a drawn-out time frame based on the level of your building activities. Although some suppliers may alter the purchase price about the prevailing industry circumstances, we guarantee the original price continues to be the very same regardless of the adjustments out there. Furthermore, the company is ready to offer you on-site storage space facilities should you wish to buy almost everything at once.

Cover a large region

If you are looking for builders merchants whose area of coverage is extensive, then your search is over. You can find our primary depot in Kirkley, which also contains the head office. If you are in Prudhoe, there is also a branch there too.
We cover the whole Northumberland area and beyond. Our extensive network permits us to get to as many clients as is possible. The business has its fleet of motor vehicles to make delivery as effective and as fast as feasible. Your building task will never have to undergo any disruptions due to lacking the necessary supplies. All you should do is to make a call and then leave the remainder to us.

Extensive stocks

The business stocks almost anything necessary in the building and construction market. There’s a selection of wood and steel products and solutions. With regards to timber, we stock cladding, fence panels and posts, telegraph poles and railway sleepers. Steel products and solutions available for sale include things like joists, round and square tubes, universal beams and plates and much more. There are also different kinds of container solutions readily available.
We are the main distributor of building and construction supplies in Newcastle, Newcastle and the Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and North West district. Our company offers many different timber and steel products and solutions, in addition to storage containers to customers exactly where they may require them. We offer reliable and fast professional services enhanced over a very long history of operation. Despite covering a wide area, our company offers price guarantees on the huge selection of inventory that we supply to our customers.


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For more information on any of our services, either steel, timber or builders merchants in Newcastle then you should phone head offices on 01661 860 413 or 01661 830 850 or visit our website – Builders Merchant In Newcastle

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