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What are reclaimed bricks and why do we use them?

Like all other reclaimed building materials, reclaimed bricks were once used on a building or structure that is no more. Reclaimed bricks are still ideal building materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills if they were not recycled. They are commonly taken from buildings, warehouses and structures that are being demolished or rebuilt, and they maintain their strength and quality even after being reclaimed. This article explores the reclamation process and how you could get the best out of reclaimed bricks in Newcastle.

Stan Dawson is a trusted and reputable builders merchant that specialises in sourcing and stocking the very best building supplies in Newcastle. From a range of timber, steel and brick materials, Stan Dawson offers a wide range of building materials for building companies, builders, and even a spot of DIY around the home. For more information on our range of building materials, get in touch today on 01661 860413.

Reclaimed bricks

Reclaimed bricks NewcastleThere are various modern techniques that can be used to reclaim bricks that have been previously used and at Stan Dawson, we only source the highest quality of reclaimed building materials. People often refer to reclaimed bricks as ‘second hand bricks’ or ‘used bricks’, with various techniques used to recycle and reuse them for different construction projects. Stone masons commonly use a technique where they soak the second hand bricks in a specialised solution that softens any attached mortar and cement.

When soaking the reclaimed bricks, the Portland cement is ’emulsified’, making it much softer and easier to remove with a hammer and chisel, and then a wire brush. This will allow for the smooth removal of mortar whilst maintaining the quality and strength of the brick. An alternative technique is to saw the mortar off with a diamond-encrusted blade that is fitted to a circular saw.

The red brick

Bricks are an extremely popular building material when it comes to the construction of buildings and structures alike. Their versatility and availability make them a cost effective building material that requires very little maintenance once constructed. With a wide range of used bricks and reclaimed bricks to choose from, it’s important to match the type of brick to the work you are carrying out.

If you are searching Google for ‘bricks for sale’, then you are most likely in the market for red brick. As one of the most commonly used bricks, red brick is found in walls, pavements and other types of masonry construction. Generally composed of clay-bearing soil, sand and lime – you can find red brick in various sizes and types.

Benefits of using reclaimed bricks

Cheap Bricks NewcastleThere are an array of benefits to using not only reclaimed bricks but a wide range of reclaimed building materials. First and foremost, the use of reclaimed bricks provides a sustainable and friendly alternative. This is not only through the prevention of reclaimed materials ending up in a landfill, but also decreases GHGs (Green House Gases) and harmful emissions that would otherwise be emitted when creating new bricks.

Many people also prefer the style and character that comes from reclaimed bricks. The finish of a reclaimed brick is a little different to new bricks and materials and may influence your decision when designing a new wall or structure.

Reclaimed bricks at Stan Dawson

If you have a building or DIY project that requires used bricks or other reclaimed building supplies, get in touch with the team at Stan Dawson today. We stock a wide range of cheap bricks that can be used for a wide range of construction applications. For more information on our reclaimed bricks for sale in Newcastle, call Stan Dawson today on 01661 860413.

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