Telegraph Poles

Telegraph poles have been used for years, and are now being stocked at Stan Dawson for you. Hardwood poles are commonly used for utilities but can also be used for complex structures such as outdoor areas like zip wires and construction. Most telegraph poles are pressure-treated in order to prevent fungi, rotting and insects, so we can assure you they’re fit for all purposes.




Telegraph poles are a great option for those who are looking for durable and long-lasting construction material. We will be discussing the benefits of using telegraph poles below.  


Less expensive than alternatives


Telegraph poles are very cheap when comparing to other wood options on the market today. The reason for telegraph poles being so inexpensive is due to them being a reused from their previous purpose. This means that telegraph poles are a great material option for those who are trying to find a durable wood on a budget. Telegraph poles are perfect for outdoor construction as there is no need to purchase expensive woods for an outside environment. After a while, normal wood will lose its bright colour from when they were purchased. A better option is purchasing telegraph poles because they will remain in the same colour and condition for longer from when you purchase them and they won’t deteriorate over time as they have been pressure-treated. 


Long lasting


Most of the telegraph poles we have in stock are pressure treated in order to prevent the deterioration of the poles. This ensures that they will be long-lasting and actually perfect for all construction purposes. Telegraph poles are able to withstand whatever the weather can throw at them. They are extremely long lasting and will be able to fit the purpose of whatever you choose to use them for. Telegraph poles are made from very durable woods and will last for long periods of time even if kept outdoors.


Environmentally friendly


Telegraph poles are a great option for those who want to purchase wood that wasn’t sourced from an unsustainable source. The telegraph poles sourced will not contribute to the deforestation. Reusing wood is a great way to make the most of wood that has already been harvested. This prevents telegraph poles from going to waste after they have finished serving their original purpose. There are many ways you can reuse telegraph poles and it doesn’t just have to be for construction purposes. Telegraph poles can be reused to create flower beds. This is only one of the many things you can use telegraph poles for, the possibilities are endless. 


Easy to get the correct requirements and specifications


Telegraph Poles have been used for many years to carry cables. Our stock of telegraph poles has years of character and history within them. There are so many different possible uses such as decking, retaining walls, benches, landscaping and much more. The natural properties of our sleepers make them a popular material with those who require a durable and dynamic product.


Wooden poles are fairly light and easier to transport compared to many other types, making them an ideal choice for builders and construction projects. Our stock of timber poles can also be modified easily and any cutting or changes to the material can be done easily and without much fuss. We are able to provide you with specific dimensions and measurements for telegraph poles.


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Some of our customers have also gone on to find some brilliant and creative uses for telegraph poles.
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