Steel Tube (square & round)

Like a lot of our steel products, the tubes are perfect for construction. Steel tubes are most commonly used for frames, fences and other structural building. The material itself is extremely durable and long-lasting due to the properties of the tube itself. Steel tubes are also resistant to corrosion, so can be used for piping within walls and more internal designs. In more recent times steel tubes have been used in more and more industries due to the improvements of steel as material itself, which is why a wide variety of tubes are available. Due to the common usage of metal tubing for pumping station and plumbing, we also ensure that all steel is checked for water resistance and the ability to be durable when in contact with water or other chemicals, so you can be assured that your steel is fit for all purposes.At Stan Dawson, we do our best to supply top quality steel and building supplies to customers in Northumberland and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in our steel tubes or would like to know more, please give us a call today!