Steel Channel

Steel Channels are usually known as ‘C Section’ due to the distinctive shape of the material itself. They work perfectly as support systems for walls and floors, providing support for the heavy materials that may be upon them. All our steel products are taken and cut to size for specific commercial, industrial and general construction work so you can be assured that your needs will be adhered to when looking for the perfect steel materials for building work. Steel channels also come in handy when looking to support cavity walls and or walls that have been structured in a way that keeps them back to back of each other. The reclamation of steel has proven to be popular due to its stability and specialist properties that can be used in endless projects for construction, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to increase the number of reclaimed products we sell. Here at Stan Dawson, we do our best to source the best steel materials for our customers, so you’ll never have to look far for the right product.If you’re interested in steel suppliers Newcastle or any of the surrounding areas, please get in contact with us! We have a huge variety of steel products ready for you to pick up as soon as possible.