Steel Angle

Steel angles are known for their uses in various construction practices; due to the shape, they’re very flexible in terms of what the material can be used for. This includes framing, bracket security, and general construction necessities. Steel angles are extremely practical with their usage and provide a trusted structure. The best steel angles allow for fabrication; in which drilling, welding, and other modifications can be done to the material easily. A lot of our steel has come from a previous owner and is stocked within our huge reclamation warehouse for your usage, but we also offer newly made steel too so you’ll always have the option. 


Quality assurance


We ensure all building materials are checked over thoroughly before taking them on into our warehouse or purchasing them, so you know all our steel products are the highest quality. Stan Dawson provides the leading builder’s merchants Newcastle service and for surrounding areas; we can help you find the right steel products. We have built up an excellent reputation over the years from providing quality building materials for a range of customers throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas. Get in contact today if you would like any extra information regarding steel angles or other steel products we offer – 01661 860 413 or visit our head office located in Northumberland today! 


Here at Stan Dawson, we will always go above and beyond to ensure that the customer service we provide is second to none. We believe it’s extremely important that the steel we supply you with meets all your exact requirements. Our friendly team will always be happy to discuss your exact requirements with you to ensure the steel provided is satisfactory. 


Our Range of Steel Products 


We take great pride in providing quality steel to our customers. We understand that everyone has different construction needs and for that reason, we offer a comprehensive range of steel products. All of the steel supplies we offer are of very high quality. The steel products we offer include steel beams that help provide great structural support. Our steel products are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to ensure you can always find the perfect steel product. If you are looking for a reliable steel supplier in Newcastle contact the team today on – 01661 860 413


Why is Stan Dawson one of the leading steel suppliers in Newcastle?


Here at Stan Dawson, we are a local family business that has been established since 1979 we are proud to be one of the leading builder merchants in Newcastle. We have an extensive stock of timber and steel available in a range of sizes. We have built up and excellent reputation over the years due to the quality of the steel we offer. All of our friendly team members will be happy to go above and beyond to ensure you have the perfect steel products for your construction needs. 


Environmentally Friendly Building Supplies 


We are proud to provide a green alternative to the traditional building supplies that can be found in a range of builders merchants across Northumberland. The steel we offer can be recycled and then reused for future purposes. This will help to keep your negative effect on the environment to a minimum. We are also proud to offer a range of reclaimed timber products suitable for a range of home projects. 


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If you would like to enquire about steel angles or any of the other products we offer please call one of the friendly team members today on – 01661 860 413 You can also come to visit us and see the range of quality steel products we offer.

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