Steel Angle

Steel angles are known for their uses in various construction practices; due to the shape, they’re very flexible in terms of what the material can be used for. This includes framing, bracket security and general construction necessities. Steel angles are extremely practical with their usage and provide a trusted structure. The best steel angles allow for fabrication; in which drilling, welding and other modifications can be done to the material easily. A lot of our steel has come from a previous owner and is stocked within our huge reclamation warehouse for your usage, but we also offer newly made steel too so you’ll always have the option. We ensure all building materials are checked over thoroughly before taking them on into our warehouse or purchasing them, so you know all our steel products are the highest quality.Stan Dawson provides the leading builders merchants Newcastle service and for surrounding areas; we can help you find the right steel products. Get in contact today if you would like any extra information regarding steel angles or other steel products we offer!