Sheet Materials

We have a diverse range of different materials for all purposes. Plywood, chipboard, OSB and more are available here at Stan Dawson. All the materials meet building regulations, so you can be reassured that the quality of the wood is the best in the area. Our team will do their absolute best to provide the relevant and helpful advice for you to get the correct sheet materials for your area of work. The sheet materials are manufactured from solid timber and it is important that the correct material is used to fit the job. Our experienced team will provide this vital information to you before your order is put in to ensure the type of wood will be a good match, whilst getting the correct thickness and size.


  •   Resists cracking, bending, warping and shrinkage
  •   Extra layers add to strength
  •   Economical
  •   Good dimensional stability


  •   Lightweight material
  •   Low cost
  •   Safe for use in all parts of a home
  •   Smooth and consistent


  •   Predominantly softwoods, such as pine
  •   Light straw to a medium brown colour
  •   Strong mechanical performance
  •   Much of the wood is fire resistant
To find out more information on the other sheet materials we offer, please give us a call.