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Here at Stan Dawson Ltd, we are one of the leading suppliers of timber and steel throughout Northumberland. Our team will always go above and beyond to provide great customer service. We have gathered a range of the questions that we frequently receive and have answered these questions in full. We hope this FAQ Page informs you about the range of products we offer and helps you make an informed decision when picking what product is best for your needs. If you have a question about the extensive range of steel and timber products we offer please call the friendly team today on – 01661 860413


Can Timber be Recycled?


Yes, timber can be recycled and used again and again. This means that those who are looking for an affordable and sustainable wood should definitely consider this as an option. Another form of timber is reclaimed timber. This is simply timber that is taken from previous use and is used for another purpose. We have discussed the Top 10 Driftwood Design Ideas in our most recent blog. Feel free to check this blog out today.


Are Timber Frame Houses Cheaper Than Traditional Houses?


Timber frame houses are around the same price as traditional houses. This is because timber is a very cost effective wood option and can be used in a wide range of situations.


Can Timber be Used Outdoors?


Timber is a very versatile wood that can be used for a range of construction needs whether this is outdoors or indoors. Here at Stan Dawson Ltd, we offer both hardwood and softwood timber that is suitable to be used in outside construction. We can provide you with the perfect timber product for your needs, get in touch with the friendly team today – 01661 860413


Can Timber Bend?


Yes, timber can be bent but only after processes have been completed to help soften the wood and make bending it easier. One of the most common methods of bending timber is by using a steam box. This consists of creating a box where timber can be stored. There needs to be an entrance hole and an exit hole. Then steam would be pumped into the box containing the wood to ensure the wood will be steamed and softened. A good rule of thumb is to provide the wood an hour of steaming for every inch of thickness.


How is Wood Sustainable?


Timber can be used as a sustainable building material by simply ensuring that the wood that is harvest in a responsible manner. The best way of achieving a sustainable source of timber is replating timber trees after harvesting. Timber can also be reused making it a sustainable building material.


How Can Timber be Used?


Timber is an extremely versatile building material. It can be used in an extensive range of situations. If you are looking for some inspiration of what timber can be used for within the home please feel free to take a visit at our updated Get Inspired Page.


What Wood Should I Use For a Garden Bench?


We believe that Hardwood timber is the perfect material for all garden furniture. This is due to hardwood being extremely durable and has extremely weather resistant. We can provide you with the perfect hardwood for your bench or any outdoor furniture. Get in contact with one of the friendly team members today.


What Timber is Best For Decking Frame?


Timber is the perfect construction material for decking. Here at Stan Dawson, we offer high-quality decking timber that can be ordered to your exact requirements. If you would like to find out about the range of benefits our timber decking brings check out the Decking Page Today!


What Timber is Best For Fencing?


Here at Stan Dawson Ltd, we can provide you with specialist fencing timber that is extremely durable and long lasting. No matter what your fencing needs are we can provide you with the highest of quality building material.


When Timber is Reclaimed What Does it Mean?


Reclaimed timber is timber that has been taken from a previous purpose and is now being used for a different purpose. Reclaimed timber is a very versatile and sustainable source of wood. This should definitely be considered when deciding what building material is best for your needs.


Which Form of Timber is Best for Cladding?


Treated timber cladding is definitely considered to better option, it will last for longer and be more resistant to whatever the weather brings. If you have young children or pets it may be best to consider using untreated timber cladding. Luckily Here at Stan Dawson, we offer both treated and untreated cladding. If you would like to enquire about the range of cladding we offer please get in contact with the team today!


Can Steel be Recycled?


Yes, steel can be recycled. It is very important that we recycle as much steel as possible. This ensures that the steel can be used for future use instead of going to waste. To recycle steel it must first be heated to very high temperatures and melted down. This liquid steel can then be used again and again where needed.


Can Steel Bend?


Steel can bend but whether it returns back to its original shape or not depends on the properties of the steel that is being bent. If you bend a steel bar slightly it will most commonly return back to its original shape. If you bend the steel bar too much and it goes past its yield point it will not bend back to into original shape.


Where Can I find Steel at an Affordable Price?


Here at Stan Dawson Ltd, we are an extremely reliable steel merchant and have a great reputation throughout Northumberland as being the leading supplier of quality steel. We also offer an extensive range of steel products and these products can be found on our Steel Page.


Which Steel Product Should I Use?


To find out what steel product is best to use its important that you take into consideration your specific building needs. We offer an extensive range of steel products here at Stan Dawson that can be found in all sizes and shapes. Our team are renown for providing great customer service and will go above and beyond to find you the perfect product for your needs.


Who Sells Steel Near me?


If you are looking for high-quality steel in Northumberland get in contact with the friendly team here at Stan Dawson Ltd. You can get in contact with the team through the contact us page or simply call us on – 01661 860413


Why Should Steel be Recycled?


Steel should always be recycled as it helps to reduce the amount of steel that is going to waste. If steel is recycled it is taking it from one purpose and reusing it for the next purpose. This helps to reduce the negative effect we are having on the environment.


Why Steel is Used as Reinforcement?


Steel is used as reinforcement due to it being a strong and durable metal that is also cost-effective. Steel can be used for a range of reinforcement purposes. Here at Stan Dawson Ltd, we offer an extensive range of steel products that are perfect for all reinforcement needs.



If you have a question about the extensive range of steel and timber products we offer please call the friendly team today on – 01661 860413

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