Timber Flooring Newcastle

At Stan Dawson, we have a variety of different flooring in all sorts of widths and lengths to suit your design ideas. No matter what your needs are, our specialist team can help you pick out the perfect type of wood flooring. We offer a wide range of softwood, hardwood and timber flooring of different specifications that can support any construction project. All our wood is sourced within the North East in order to ensure all domestic and commercial properties are catered to accordingly. We also provide distinctive cutting services so that all wood is cut to your requirements.


The flooring and floorboards we offer here at Stan Dawson are of very high quality. We take great pride in offering flooring that will meet all of our customer’s needs and requirements. We can assure you that the flooring and floorboards we provide are built to last. The customer service our friendly team provide is exceptional, call us today on 01661 860413


Wood Flooring Newcastle


Hardwood flooring


Hardwood is typically known as the more durable of the two, able to endure more and seen as more tough to withstand problems. Due to the higher density of the material, choosing hardwood may be the better option if the look of the wood is an important factor when choosing. The complex nature of hardwood also allows for more unique looking features. The hardwood that we offer is usually of a dark colour but this could work well in a range of situations. Hardwood is a desirable wood for flooring and here at Stan Dawson, we can tailor the cut of your flooring to match your exact requirements.


Softwood flooring


Originating from coniferous trees, softwood is the source of 80% of the world’s timber and has many uses. The strength of softwood provides a long-term structure, whilst being dense enough to modify the wood itself. The greatest advantage of softwood flooring is its relatively lower cost compared to other products, though the wear and tear is more noticeable. Softwood flooring should definitely be a flooring option to consider when considering what is best for your needs. Wear and tear may be more noticeable but the look of softwood is very bright and vibrant. The overall look of softwood flooring cannot be found with any other wood options. Softwood flooring will brighten up the look of any room. If you would like to enquire about the softwood flooring we offer here at Stan Dawson call us today.


Reclaimed timber


For flooring, we typically use reclaimed timber, available in both softwood and hardwood. Reclaimed timber has denser properties due to its re-use, meaning it can withstand the pressure and be a perfect choice if you want a long-lasting material. No matter which product you choose to go with, we can ensure that all our wood is carefully crafted and full of quality. If you would like to know more, give us a call.


Reclaimed timber is a very cost effective option in terms of timber flooring. when considering what flooring option is best for you, ask yourself, would you like your timber to be sourced from a timber tree or re-used timber? Reclaimed timber is created by re-using timber from a previous purpose. This means that reclaimed timber is an environmentally friendly option but still has that elegant and unique look.
As discussed above, we offer an extensive range of timber flooring options. All the flooring we source is of the highest quality and can be cut to your specific requirements. You can be assured that we can offer flooring that will meet all of your needs, Call the friendly team today 01661 860413


Here at Stan Dawson, we not only supply a range of high quality flooring options but we also offer sheet material.

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